8:33pm 01-31-2023
hello there
9:26am 01-19-2023
dope website
4:03am 01-13-2023
I fuck with da style <3
3:58pm 12-06-2022
Hello dude.
3:44pm 08-15-2022
woah! an old web site! love it! <3
5:10pm 08-04-2022
12:44pm 06-11-2022
cool website.
11:41am 05-31-2022
Hey, love your website! There's a bug though; the pages are loaded in place of the side menu, when they should be loaded in place of the main page. Cheers.
8:58pm 05-29-2022
Cool website! I also like Nick Cave and Eraserhead
1:52am 05-17-2022
OSU 727 Be like
Also helo!
6:47pm 05-02-2022
your message on my guestbook almost gave me a heart attack LOL, i thought it was going to be a hate message until i kept reading. i'm glad you can relate to my hate page, i think i update that one the most ngl anyway, thanks 4 the message! i love your site & think ur super cool !
1:39pm 05-01-2022
glad you're okay! i think your site is really sick! keep up the great work
11:24pm 04-18-2022
Yo!!! Dope site man! Thanks for checking mine out and linking! Linked ya on my page too
7:22am 02-27-2022
sick site!!!! added ur button to my collection, ur wads are amazing too lmao
1:53pm 02-26-2022
le ebic doom wads
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